Keep America Safe

We live in dangerous times.  Islamic Fundamentalists chant death to America around the world and ISIS is growing.  Rogue states like North Korea and Iran pose a nuclear threat to the world. Just south of the border lawless drug cartels are expanding into human smuggling and human trafficking that is today’s slave trade.  We must:

  • Secure our borders.
  • Stop immigration and refugees from countries like Syria where we cannot tell the good guys from the bad guys.
  • Provide our Military and Intel community the resources they need to do their jobs.

Rio Grande River
Texas’ location along the Mexican border increases security challenges for our border communities that see a depressed economy as a result of drug and gang violence in their neighborhoods. Securing our porous border is one of my top priorities.

During my time in Congress, I have worked to increase support for local and state authorities, including securing Unmanned Ariel Vehicle predator aircrafts based at NAS Corpus Christi, so our border patrol has the tools they need to keep Texas and the rest of the country safe from the threats facing us along our southern border.

America must maintain the best trained, best equipped fighting force in the world.  We must also not rely only on high tech snooping by the NSA for intelligence.  We need human assets on the ground in hot spots around the world so we know of attacks before they happen.

The Economy

With oil prices down, parts of Texas are beginning to feel what much of the nation has been feeling for years. Fortunately, Texas is still one of the most business friendly states and we continue to lead the pack in jobs and economic growth.  Washington needs to learn from Texas.  Here’s what works:

  • A balanced budget
  • Low, easy to understand taxes
  • Light touch regulation
  • Good transportation system
  • A focus on jobs
  • Tort reform

Crushing debt is a burden on our economy and unfair to our children.  I support a balanced budget amendment, cutting wasteful spending and welfare reform.  The only way we are going to solve the debt crisis is to grow the economy and create jobs.  People who have jobs, don’t need government benefits like unemployment, they become taxpayers, and have money to spend to further grow the economy, creating a snowball effect of prosperity.

The federal tax code is so complex most lawyers don’t even understand it.  I have co-sponsored legislation creating either a flat tax or fair tax (national sales tax instead of income tax).  If that can’t past we must at the very least fix existing tax law and make it fairer, flatter, and simpler.

Washington, DC bureaucrats are not America’s nanny. I’m on record as voting to repeal, replace and defund Obamacare dozens of times only to be thwarted by the Senate. I’ve voted to make it easier for people to get loans from the bank and to stop the EPA from regulating stock tanks and irrigation ditches.  I’m a huge supporter of the REINS Act which has passed the House each session I have been there, but has yet to be signed into law.  The REINS Act requires all federal regulations with an economic impact over $100 million be affirmatively approved by Congress, stopping un elected bureaucrats from writing laws. With President Trump in office, I look forward to continue working on his job creating reforms.

TransportationAs the Senior Texas Republican on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee I know that one of America’s best competitive advantages in the world is our transportation system.  We can get our goods, services and agricultural products to market for less. To keep that advantage, we must keep our highways, waterways rail and air system maintained and up to date.

Finally, we must make sure our tort system compensates fairly those who are injured but not create a system that encourages frivolous lawsuits.  Texas has lead in tort reform, America should follow.

Protect Life

I’m proud to be pro-life.  I became certain life begins at conception when I saw the sonogram of my first born daughter, Morgan.  I have a 100% rating from National Right to Life. I am committed to protecting and defending life at all stages.


About 70% of the people who come to my office for help dealing with the federal government are veterans.  The VA may be the worst of the worst in customer service government wide. That’s a national disgrace.  My staff and I work hard to help veterans on a one on one basis and to reform the laws governing the VA.  Some of the things I have done include:


  • Co-Authored HR313 the Wounded Warrior Federal Leave Act of 2015 that granted medical leave for veterans with a disability during their first year of service in the federal workforce.  President Obama signed this into law November 15, 2015.
  • Supported Veterans Choice that requires the VA to allow veterans to go to private healthcare providers if they live 40 or more miles away from a VA facility or the VA cannot see them within 30 days. This was signed into law in July, 2014.
  • Helped implement Veterans Choice by holding training seminars between doctors and the VA on billing and paperwork issues.
  • Worked with state and local officials to open a Veterans Center in Victoria to consolidate services to those who have served.
  • Hold regular conference calls with VA officials to address local issues.
  • Participated in Congressional hearings and meetings dealing with modernizing the VA.  The VA has an antiquated IT system with major parts still operating from a COBAL (1960 era computer language) program.

Repeal and Replace Obamacare

One of the cornerstones of Obama’s presidency was the government takeover of healthcare also known as ObamaCare.  ObamaCare has been proven to drive up the cost of care, reduce choice and unleash a furry of taxes on American families and small business owners. I support a plan to repeal and replace ObamaCare with common sense solutions to lower the cost of healthcare while ensuring decisions are made between you and your doctor.

Protect the Second Amendment

Democrats are looking for every opportunity to make it harder for law abiding citizens to own, buy and sell guns.  I am a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment.  As a Texas Conservative, I believe gun control is hitting what you aim at and nothing else.  I have an A+ rating from and am endorsed by the National Rifle Association.