Today, the price of gasoline is double what it was when President Obama took office. The path to reduced pain at the pump and energy independence is clear. We must:

  • Focus on developing proven energy technologies and eliminating failed projects, like Solyndra, that subsidize the President’s political allies.
  • Removing burdensome government barriers so our energy companies can get to work putting Americans back to work.

Texas leads the way in energy security and offers a model for independence that the rest of the nation should follow. In places like Victoria, gas exploration in the Eagle Ford is putting residents of  the Coastal Bend to work every day, driving the unemployment rate in the region far below the national average.

President Obama continues to ignore the Texas model and instead pushes unsustainable energy projects, wasting millions in taxpayer money, while ignoring projects like the Keystone Pipeline that will create thousands of American jobs and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Why are Democrats so afraid of energy independence?

I support an all of the above approach that includes development of alternative energy sources along with clean coal and American-made oil and gas. Democrats believe that not exploring our oil and gas options is friendlier to the environment. The exact opposite is true, development of oil and gas within our borders ensures it will be environmentally friendly while improving our economic and national security. This should be a bipartisan plan everyone can get behind.

The President continues to burden our economy, job creators and American middle class families with bad policies, new taxes and harmful government red tape. If elected, I will ensure increased access to American energy sources to create private sector jobs, grow our economy and reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign oil.


One of the cornerstones of Obama’s presidency is the government takeover of healthcare also known as ObamaCare that drives up the cost of care, reduces choice and unleash a furry of taxes on American families and small business owners. House Republicans have a plan to repeal and replace ObamaCare with common sense solutions to lower the cost of health care while ensuring decisions are made between you and your doctor.

To date is a list of floor actions to fight the President’s health care law:

  • 30 votes to repeal, defund or dismantle the law.
  • Three programs have been completely eliminated. The 1099 tax reporting requirement and free choice vouchers were repealed and signed into law and the Administration ceased the implementation of the unworkable CLASS Act Program.
  • Seven provisions have been repealed/have had funding rescinded and signed into law: the 1099 tax reporting requirement imposed on small businesses; Free-Choice vouchers; and funding for the CO-OP, the IPAB rationing board, the Prevention and Public Health “Slush Fund,” and a Medicaid drafting fix for the “Louisiana Purchase.”

Many economists believe that uncertainty about the costs of the employer mandate is one of the contributors to the persistently high unemployment rate. How can our businesses feel secure hiring employees when they have no idea how badly they will be taxed and penalized under the law?

ObamaCare has slowed private sector recovery and must be repealed and replaced with reforms that our good for small businesses and American families.


Texas’ location to the Mexican border increases security challenges for our border communities that see a depressed economy as a result of drug and gang violence in their neighborhoods. Securing our porous border is a top priority for my Republican colleagues and I as we fight an Administration that claims the border is secure. In Texas, we know this is not true.

In my time in Congress, I have worked to increase support for local and state authorities, including securing two Unmanned Ariel Vehicle predator aircrafts for NAS Corpus Christi, to have the tools they need to keep Texas and the rest of the country safe from the threats facing us along our Southern border.


As the only Republican representative from the State of Texas on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, I work hard each day to ensure the transportation needs of our state are being met.

In June, Congress passed a two-year reauthorization for our nation’s surface transportation programs. Along with much needed fiscal reforms, included in this bill was language I proposed that allows many of the highways in South and East Texas, to be signed as Interstate 69.

Currently, the Rio Grande Valley is the largest metropolitan area in the country not served by an interstate system, and these changes will allow Interstate 69 to stretch down to the border.

Our valuable Texas ports benefit greatly from close proximity to an intestate and designation as an interstate goes a long way to grow local economies and create jobs all across our state.